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Tony Paris aka Tony Tee i

Tony Paris aka MC Tony Tee was born in Harlem and raised in the East Bronx, New York area. 

(Burke ave. & White Plains rd.) He played sports at Magenta Park, 41 Park and Parkside Projects.

MC Tony Tee attended Brandeis High School with LA Sunshine from the Treacherous 3 

and Tito from the Fearless Four. In 1978, He played basketball on the freshman team at Brandeis.

He began his Hip Hop career with DJ Whiz kid and The Ultimate 3 MC's. 

They were managed by DJ Kool Herc and performed with The ColdCrush Brothers,

SoulSonic Force, Cosmic Force, Red Alert, Jazzy Jay, Bam and many other Hip Hop Pioneers. 

MC Tony Tee also worked at Harlem World during the summer with the

Harlem World Crew and performed at some block parties with the group.

During the mid 1980's, MC Tony Tee recorded 3 singles with DJ Watkins, which were recorded

on Brownsville and Equity Records. The singles hit the top ten charts in the UK.

MC Tony Tee also performed on the Def Jam 2 tour with Whodini, Kool Moe Dee, Eric B. & Rakim.

After the tour, MC Tony Tee played basketball for Manhattan Community College, under

Coach Gene Carroll. During this time, Queen Latifah also attended the school and played on 

the girls team. After receiving a degree from CUNY College, studying Computer Science and working 

as an IT professional for several years. MC Tony Tee joined producer Steve Brown from the Peach Boys group. 

They produced several demos with Bernard and Fred Fowler. After moving to the Philadelphia area,

MC Tony Tee became a community activist. He started programs in the community for the youth through

sports and recreation. After Coaching basketball at Rutgers Camden University, Teaching and Coaching

High School Basketball for several years. MC Tony Tee became a professional basketball

Coach and Trainer for NBA, G League, College and overseas players. He currently runs a successful

program called "CoachTone Runs" which can be found on Instagram. MC Tony Tee also published 2 books

and produced over 20 documentary films for NBC Sports, ESPN, Verizon, Apple TV, Bounce TV and FIOS.

For several years, he was the host for the Tony Paris Radio Show. Currently, MC Tony Tee can be seen

in the Netflix film "Hustle" with Adam Sandler.

Written by Tony Tee aka Tony Paris



Rakim aka William Michael Griffin Jr. is a writer, producer, artist and rapper. 

Rakim grew up in Wyandanch, Long Island and he attended Wyandanch High School.

Rakim started out as a football player (Quarterback) at Wyndanch High School. 

He made his first recordings live at Wyandanch High School in 1985 as Kid Wizard.

In 1986, he joined the nations of Gods and Earths (5 Percenters) and changed his name 

to Rakim Allah. Rakim met DJ Eric B. from a local friend on Long Island. Together they

became Eric B. and Rakim. Eric B. went to his friend Marley Marl to help produce their

first single “Eric B. is President and “My Melody” on the B side.  At first Marley Marl 

did not like Rakim’s style and flow. So he asked him to speed up his rap style and rap 

a little louder. In return, Rakim told Marley Marl, let’s do it my way and you will see how

dope it comes out. Once the track was finished, Marley Marl loved it. 

In 1987, they released their first album “Paid in full”. The album was listed at number 58 

on Billboards list. Considered one of the best albums in Hip Hop history. The album featured

songs like, “I ain’t no Joke”, “I know you got Soul”, “Move the crowd” and “Paid in Full”.


Rakim Lyrics: “It’s been a long time, I should have left you….without a strong rhyme to step to,

                         Think of how many weak shows you slept through, times up, I’m sorry I kept you”.


 From 1988 to 1992, Eric B. and Rakim released three more albums “Follow the Leader”, 

“Let the rhythm, hit em” and “Don’t sweat the technique. I had the pleasure of being the opening 

artist for Eric B. and Rakim on the Def Jam 2 tour in 1987, Myself (MC Tony Tee) and DJ Watkins.

Rakim recorded a single on the movie sound track “Juice”, The title of the track was “Know the Ledge”

One of my favorite songs on the “Follow the Leader” Album was “Lyrics of Fury”. The group was signed

to Island Records, Zakia Records, 4th and Broadway and managed by Cara Lewis.


Rakim Lyrics: “A matter of life and death, just like an etch a sketch….shake to it clear, make it disappear.

                         make the next….after the ceremony let the rhyme rest peace, if not my soul will release”.


From 1997 to 2009, Rakim released 3 solo albums, “The 18th Letter”, “The Master” and “The Seventh Seal”.

He was signed with Universal and Dr. Dre’s the aftermath. Rakim is regarded as one the most influential 

Rappers in Hip Hop History. Rakim was known for his big gold chains and brand name fashions.

Prior to Rakim, rappers was just rhyming, while Rakim created a unique flow. Many rappers after him, 

imitated his style and flow, but never duplicated his his lyrical expertise. He was a lyrical genius, who put

thought into every word and every sentence of his flow. Rakim is also listed at number 4 on the top 

50 Rappers list of all time by MTV.

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris



BIG DADDY KANE aka Antonio Hardy is a MC, Rapper, Actor, Producer, Entertainer, Writer and Entrepreneur. He attended Sarah J. Hale High School, where he maintained an A average. Kane was a tough, rugged kid out of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. In High School, Big Daddy Kane was first known as MC Kane the battle rapper.  He beat all the High School rappers in Brooklyn battles. While in High School, Kane met Mister Cee in the  lunchroom for a battle. After winning the battle, Mister Cee told Kane Im really a DJ and offered Kane to join  his crew, which was called Magnum Force. Mister Cee later became Big Daddy Kane’s DJ. He became friends with Biz Markie after free styling in the Albee Square Mall in downtown Brooklyn. Biz Markie love his style so much that he brought Kane into his camp as a writer and promised to get him a record deal. Kane became a writer for  Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante. In 1986, Kane joined the Juice Crew with Marley Marl, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, Craig G and MC Shan. In 1987, Kane made his first hit single with Biz Markie  “Just Rhyming with Biz”. The single made Kane a household name. He displayed unique lyrical skills and delivery.   In 1988, after signing with ColdChillin Records, Big Daddy Kane released his first album “Long Live the Kane”. The album featured hits like “Ain’t no half Steppin”, which became one of Kane’s biggest hit records. Also on the album was hits like “Set it off” and “Raw”, also two of the greatest records in Hip Hop history. At the time, he was considered one of the greatest entertainers in Hip Hop with his dancers Scoop and ScrapLover. Their stage  performances were amazing to say the least and they always kept their audience wanting more.    Kane Lyrics: “I hate to brag but damn I’m good….and if Rap was a gun I’d be Clint Eastwood”.   In 1989, Kane released his second album ‘It’s a Big Daddy Thing”, which featured “Smooth Operator”. The single hit top 40 on the R&B list. Teddy Riley produced “I get the Job done”, which was another hit on the album. When Kane was first introduced to the music industry, he was portrayed as a tough guy. After a couple of  albums and a huge fan base. Kane decided to smooth his edges for the ladies and became the Teddy Pendergrass  of Hip Hop. This was illustrated in his single “Smooth Operator”. One of his most memorable verse was recorded on “The Symphony”. A track produced by Marley Marl with some of the members of the Juice Crew. In the late  1980’s and early 1990’s, Kane can be seen in everybody’s videos on Ralph McDaniels, Video Music Box. He was famous for his flat top fade, gold chains, gold rings and crazy swagger.    In 1991, Kane won a Grammy for best Rap performance by a duo or group for his performance on Quincy Jones track “Back on the Block”. He also contributed the single “Nuff Respect” for the soundtrack of the movie “Juice”. Collectively, Kane has made eight albums and has starred or played a major role in over ten movies. Rolling Stone ranked his song “Ain’t no half Steppin” at number 25 on it’s top 50 greatest Hip Hop songs. Big Daddy Kane is regarded as one of the most influential MC/Rappers in Hip Hop History.  Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris

Master P.jpg


Percy Robert Miller, Sr. aka Master P is a Producer, writer, rapper, executive, actor, athlete and entrepreneur. Master P was born and raised in the third ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended Booker T. Washington High School and Warren Easton high School, where he played basketball before attending University of Houston on an athletic scholarship. He dropped out after a couple of months and transferred to Merritt College and studied  business administration in Oakland, California. He later opened a record shop in Richmond, California called No  Limit Records and tapes.  In 1990, Master P released the cassette tape “Mind of a Psychopath”. After is brother Kevin Miller’s passing, Master P dedicated his life’s work to uplift his family from the Calliope Projects in New Orleans. As a successful entrepreneur, he recruited his two other brothers “C-Murder and Silk the Shocker” and advanced their career as well known rappers. In 1991, he founded No Limit Records and was the lead member and founder of the hip hop group TRU. He released 15 studio albums and starred or played a role in over 40 motion pictures and over 50 television appearances. In 1997, he released “Make ‘em say uhh”, which received platinum certification by the recording industry association of America. He is also the Chief executive officer of P. Miller Enterprises and Better Black Television. In 1998, he played for the Fort Wayne Fury CBA Basketball team as a backup guard. Attended the Charlotte Hornets  training camp for ten days, played with the Toronto Raptors training camp and played for the Las Vegas Rattlers ABA  Basketball team. He also scored 17 points in the 2008 McDonalds NBA All Star Celebrity game. In 2001, Master P won the American Music Award for Favorite Rap Artist. He helped inspire and launch careers for many artist like, Romeo Miller (Son), Trina, Gucci Mane, Mystikal, Black Don, Silk the Shocker and C-Murder. When Snoop Dogg signed with Master P, he introduced him to the business of the music industry and how to be an entrepreneur.  Currently, Master P owns his own record label, properties, produce markets and manages Film, Music and television careers for Romeo Miller and Gucci Mane. He also has two sons currently playing collegiate basketball. Master P is the Godfather of the South Hip Hop and the most influential rapper to many southern rap artist. Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris



Brad Terrence Jordan aka Scarface, is a rapper, writer producer and Entrepreuneur.

Scarface attended Woodson Middle School and dropped out of High School to open a Pharmaceutical business.

He grew up in Houston, around the South Acres (Crestmont Park) Neighborhood. Scarface began his career as a

DJ. His DJ name was Akshen (action). He DJ’ed for Lil Troy’ Short Stop, which was a Local record label in Houston.

He adapted the name Scarface after watching the 1983 classic movie “Scarface”. His first single release was Scarface/

another head put to rest in 1989. He then replaced a member of the Geto Boys and signed with Rap-A-Lot-Records. 

The Geto Boys second album “Grip it on that other level”, was a highly successful album that garnered the group a 

large fanbase in 1989. MTV and Radio stations refuse to play any of their songs from the album because of the 

Gangster rap Lyrics displayed by himself and fellow Geto boys members, Willie D and Bushwick Bill. Their single

“My Mind is playing tricks on Me” became a hit single and number 1 on the Hot music charts. 

Despite radio play, the album made the Geto Boys the most successful southern Hip Hop group of their era. 


In 1991, Scarface released his first Solo album “Mr. Scarface is back”, which became a huge success.

In 1992, Scarface & Bushwick Bill dropped lyrics on Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Album “Live and Let Die”.

Scarface also worked with Ice Cube, Devin the Dude and MC Eiht with some Gangster rap tracks.

Scarface went on to release 11 more studio albums while remaining with his group “Gets Boys”. 

“Last of the Dying Breed”, achieved both critical and commercial success and led him to be named

Lyricist of the year by Source awards in 2001. In 2005, The Geto Boys released “The Foundation”

and their last album as a group. During this time, Scarface dropped lyrics on tracks with other artist like

Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Nas, Kelly Price, Faith Evans, Freeway and many more. He was the President and 

coordinator of Def Jam South from 2000 - 2005 and help spark the career of Ludacris. He produced 3 tracks

for the Underground King’s album. Scarface is one of the highly respected lyricist in the music industry. In 2012, 

The Source ranked Scarface number 16 on their top 50 Lyricist of all time and ranked him number 6 on it’s

list of the 50 Greatest MC’s of our time (1987-2007). Scarface is one of the Pioneers of Gangster Rap music. 

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris


Geto Boys is a hip-hop group from Houston, Texas. The group was founded in 1986, the Original members were 

Raheem, Sir Rap-A-Lot, Sire Jukebox. When Raheem and Sir-rap-a-lot left the group, they added DJ Ready Red,

Prince Johnny C and Little Billy. Little Billy was the dancer in the group and later changed his name to Bushwick Bill.

The first single from The Geto boys was “Car Freak” in 1986 and two more singles “You aint Nothin/I run this” in 

1987 and “Be Down” in 1988. They released their first album “Making Trouble”, which had some success.

Scarface and WiIlie D joined the group in 1989 after more members of the group departed.

They earned several certified albums and hit singles like “Ming Playing Tricks on me”, which reached number 1 

on the Hot Rap songs and number 23 on the Billboard hot 100. They were also ranked number 10 on the all time 

best rap groups list. They were considered southern rap pioneers that addressed topics like violence, psychotic 

behavior, drug addiction and gangster rap. The Geto Boys released another album “Grip it on that other level”

and followed up with “The Geto Boys” in 1990 on Def American Recordings. 


In 1990’s, The Geto Boys were targeted by politicians for their gangster style of rap. With that publicity and the

injury occurred by Bushwick Bill, help boost the Geto Boys record sales and making them a household name.

When Willie D left the group, Big Mike joined the Geto Boys in 1993 and recorded “Til Death do us Part”.

The album was certified gold and peaked at number 40 on billboard hot 100 with the track “Six feet deep”.

In 1996, Big Mike left the group and Willie D return to the Geto Boys and recorded three more albums.

“The resurrection”, “Da good da bad and da ugly”, Which Bushwick Bill did not participate.

The group broke up again and reunited in 2002 to record “The Foundation”. The song “Til Death do us Part”

was featured in the movie South Central. Willie D has a successful Podcast and Scarface continues to produce

music with some of the best artist in the industry. 

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris



Darney Rivers aka K-Born is a Writer, Rapper, Producer, Community activist and Entrepreneur from the Bronx, New York.

K-Born was raised on Morris avenue and 169th street. He got an early facts of life education from his older brothers and sisters.

His father is a Vietnam Vet and his mother moved to New York from South Carolina. 

As a high academic student, classwork came easy to Darney. While growing up in the Bronx and seeing criminal life styles,

K-Born became mischief and moved around from School to school. He attended Bronx Community College after receiving his GED.

His Uncle Sidney was a guitarist and he help influence K-Born’s love for music. He began collecting records with his uncle, helping

neighbors DJ with his equipment and making pause tapes. K-born started rapping, dancing and performing at talent shows.


The ColdCrush Brothers, Flash & the Furious Five were influence on his rap career.

In 1980, K-Born danced at Lincoln Center, he performed on Subway trains and at The Disco Fever. K-Born partnered with MC Labru (RIP)

after winning a few talent shows at the Devil’s Nest and the Apollo. They were introduced to StarChild before hooking up with Brucie B.

Together the formed the group “Classical Two” and produced their smash hit “New Generation” in 1988, which was produced by Teddy Riley

and birth the term New Jack Swing. The song was in heavy rotation on the radio and they performed with artist like KRS1, Rakim,

Rob Base and many more. Also in 1988, he released “She’s a Freak”. In 1989, K-born produced “New York on Fire”.

In 2017, he released “What’s Peace” then “Beggin for a dollar” in 2019 and In 2021, He released “Gunz away” ft. Alexa V, while receiving over 200k 

views on Youtube. “By All Means Necessary” ft. Charlie Prince and In 2022, he released “Puff Puff Pass” ft. Shiet Bubz and “Purple City”.

Due to the high level of crime in his neighborhood, K-Born started a Non-Profit Organization “I am My Community, Inc.” Which promotes

public safety by having Mental health awareness and parenthood programs and an Anti Violence Unit that promotes Unity in the Community.

K-Born is a Legend and Pioneer of Hip Hop Culture from the Bronx, New York.

Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris

MC Debbie D.jpeg


Debora Hooper aka MC Debbie D is a MC, Rapper, Writer, Fly Girl, Educator, Preacher, Historian and Hip Hop Scholar.  Debbie D was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx. She attended Norman Thomas High School, Laguardia Community College, NJPAC Arts Education and Hugee Theological Institute. In 1977 during the Blackout, she was introduced to Hip Hop. Debbie began as an MC with DJ Patty Duke & the Jazzy five as the only female mc in the group. She merged her crew with DJ Kenny Ken and Greg Ski under the name K Connection.  Together they threw jams in the park, schoolyards and clubs. They performed with other Hip Hop Pioneers like DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaata, SoulSonic Force, Flash and the Furious Five, Funky four plus 1 and the L Brothers at many clubs in the Bronx. Hip Hop Flyers of The T-Connection and Ecstasy Garage can be found as frequent clubs that the group performed regularly.  In 1981, She became the first solo Female MC, when she joined DJ Wanda D. During this time, Wanda D was also the first known female DJ. On Stage, Debbie dressed in designer clothes and custom suits, like the entertainers she watched growing up. She was giving the name Fly Girl for her unique fashion.    In 1984, She appeared in the movie “Beat Street” with Lisa Lee and Sha Rock as the group “US Girls”.  Debbie recorded “ Tom, Dick and Harry and the Other woman. She also recorded “Evolution” as a member of the Juice Crew. Their feature song was titled “US Girls can boogie too”. She recorded singles for 2 albums, which both went gold. In 1990, Debbie furthered her education by attaining 6 degrees and a doctorate degree, while becoming a preacher. She founded Us Girls Can (Non Profit) where she educates and empower young girls. Debbie has a list of literary works and films that  highlight MC Debbie D include Yes, Yes, Y'all, Hip Hop: A Cultural Odyssey, God Save The Queens, The Motherlode, AA Smithsonian,  Universal Hip Hop Museum, Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Lithub,  Netflix's Hip Hop Evolution and The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion. Debbie D is one of the first Female MC’s in Hip Hop that paved the way for many Female rappers today. She is a true pioneer of Hip Hop.  Written by Tony Tee (Ultimate 3) aka Tony Paris


Jonathan Burks aka Jaz-O is a writer, artist, singer, producer and rapper. Born and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

(Marcy projects) He is also known as The Jaz-O and the Originator. The Jaz-O was a mentor to his protege Jay-Z,

who at the time was called Little Jaz. The Jaz-O dropped his first single H.P. get busy in 1986 with his group called

High Potent. During this time, Jay-Z was member of the group, which was signed to EMI record label. 

I (Tony Tee) shared studio time with Jaz-O at Fresh Gordon Studio in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. When I first met The Jaz,

he and Fresh Gordon was producing their track “Im in Love”. The Jaz was singing R&B and the track was dope.

The single was released on Tommy Boy records, which at he time was a one single deal. The Jaz also collaborated

with Fresh Gordon on his it single “My File”, which was a playful answer to Run-DMC’s “My Adidas”.  



Jaz-O released three albums, “Word to the Jaz” in 1989 (Peaked at number 87 on the charts). One of the singles

on the album was “Hawaiian Sophie”, which featured Jay-Z. The single peaked at number 18 on the charts, while

“Let’s Play House” peaked at number 26 on the Billboard dance club charts. 

In 1990, he released “To your Soul”, which featured the Originators. The single reached number 13 on the charts 

and certified The Jaz and Jay-Z as great speed rappers. In 2002, He released his third album “Kings County” 

in 2002. Jaz-O and Jay-Z toured in Europe with Ivr Gotti as their DJ and some future Murder Inc artist.

In 2021, Jaz released “The Warmup” on Roc Nation subsidiary label “Equity Distribution”. The Jaz has 

produced artist like, P-Diddy, GZA, Usual Suspects, Rakim, Kool G Rap, M.O.P., Queen Latifah, Group Hom