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Our fearless frontman, The Hiphop Jibarito Sound Carta (short for Soundboy Cartagena), brings his personal spanglish-style rap straight from NY (Brooklyn , Queens & the Bronx) -- "from the hood of all hoods; straight off the grimiest block". Raised in a family rooted in the salsa tradition, he is a product of his culture and his environment.


From a young age, he always beat boxed and rap and was given the nickname Soundboy. 


    Sound's true vision was to do a bigger project. Something that strayed from all the commercial production that so much hip hop and pop music is made from. He wanted a real hip hop orchestra -- a Salsa Orchestra with some of the best musicians to collaborate and begin creating a new wave of real music.


 Soundboy Cartagena


David Sánchez Badillo, known professionally as Tempo, is a Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter. He was the leading figure in the reggaeton scene from the late 1990s until his arrest in 2002. He was released in 2013 after spending 11 years in prison.Wikipedia

Born: 1977 (age 45 years), Ponce, Puerto Rico

Parents: María Milagros Badillo

Record labels: Sony BMG Music EntertainmentEl Cartel Records

Children: Kyana SánchezNicole Sánchez

Nominations: Lo Nuestro Award for Remix of the YearLatin Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video



The Microphone Prince was born May 6, 1967 in Brooklyn New York.  His family moved to the Bronx when he was two years old and at the age of 12 he began writing rhymes after hearing Rappers delight in the summer of 1979. 


It was at the high school of Art & Design that he met Busy D (Capone Gangster of Comedy) and formed The T-Rock & The Turnout 2. They went on to record “Who’s the Captain” & “Yvonne & Corey” on an independent label. Mixed by DJ Red Alert, both songs got extensive airplay on the only two Hip Hop radio shows at the time. Red Alert & Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack. Wil Smith changed his name to Fresh Prince & wrote “Girls ain’t nothing but trouble” after hearing The Microphone Prince “Girls” on WBLS. (According to Fly Ty Williams of Cold Chillin / Juice Crew fame) 

The two toured with the Juice Crew and performed at the Beacon Theatre and other venues with the likes of Eric B & Rakim, Stetsasonic & Fresh Prince, Roxanne Shante & The Juice Crew. 


The Microphone Prince also had one of the first daytime Hip Hop radio shows in 1983 @ Medgar Evars college in Brooklyn 91.5 WNYE. The first to play artists such as Special Ed, Nice & Smooth and give DJ’s they’re first “on air” radio time. (Jazzy Joyce & Mr. C were early guests) the show focused on breaking new music, live rapping on air and interviewing members of groups not normally interviewed. (Dancers like Scoob & Scrap etc). 


Around 1984 Paradise from X-Clan, (who was TMP’s DJ) GAVE UTFO the outline for Yvonne, a routine written by TMP & Capone and they wrote Roxanne Roxanne based on that. TMP & Capone ambushed UTFO at a performance at the Stardust Ballroom in the Bronx. “Not only had they copied the Yvonne concept, they were performing in OUR hood!” They refused to battle and walked away unscathed. Years later Kangol sang on Tito & TMP’s song “leave him” and Kangols 12 year old son produced “Floss Game” featuring Tito, TMP & Big Daddy Kane. 


In 1991, Next Plateau / Polygram was looking to break the first Puerto Rican MC by recording a full length LP. Tito from the Fearless 4 was the prime candidate. He was not interested at the time and sent TMP to the Master OC. Becoming the first Puerto Rican MC to release a solo LP. TMP was signed in 1992 and completed his LP Trunk of Funk with NO guest appearances. The first single “Smooth Criminal” featured Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth on the hook and the video. It was produced by Hip Hop legends Master OC (Fearless 4) and Charlie Chase (ColdCrush Brothers) and TMP. 


The second single was a “Trunk of Funk” remix by Marley Marl & was to feature the Lords of the Underground in the video. Sales of the album narrowly missed Polygrams  75,000 copy threshold and the project was scrapped. Next Plateau, however, recorded another single on TMP called “Las Mujeres” a Spanish language club record which generated another two years of Interest and performances for TMP. 


The Mid to late 90’s were all underground mix tape years for TMP except for his appearance on the freestyle song called “Still Loving You” by Kimberly. 


In 2001, Kool G Rap ignited Tito’s lyrical flames and invited him to appear on “Pop a collar” featuring Nas & Az. This was the catalyst which birthed The IronClad movement spearheaded by Tito & TMP (Boriquaz 4 Life) a self financed effort which included wrapped tour buses & trucks, 4 videos and a tour. But before that all popped off, Tito ran TMP through cyphers with the Likes of G Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Akinyelle to show the industry what they were dealing with. The Akinyelle cypher was a three way phone battle. Tito, TMP & Ak. “That shit was like the third fight between Rocky and Apollo” Nobody saw it but it was legendary. 


Kool G Rap said Big Puns SOUL went into my body after hearing me spit. “Tony Touch stopped a song (All out warfare) three times, skipped over every one else’s parts to listen to my verse. Then came over and hugged me and said to please keep what Pun started going” I tried. 


Towards the end of the IronClad run, Star from Hot 97 was looking to get at Jay Z. After the whole “Allyah” debacle. TMP supplied the flames for Star who played “The real take over” every day, 3 times a day and went at Jay Z HARD with it. Prompting calls from Def Jam. This eventually led to Star & Hot 97 parting ways as Jay was a stock holder. Jay responded with several subliminals but refused to create another 50 cent by openly accepting TMP’s challenge. 


TMP Is currently working on a project titled “The Master Class”  an attempt to gear our culture towards mature ideas like accepting responsibility, unity, family, love and teaching and leading our community and culture by example. 


The Microphone Prince. 

Bronx Representative 


 It's easy MR. CAVALUCCI Biografia: Lugar de nacimiento Brooklyn. New York, New York, Estados Unidos Edgar Santana, alias Mr. Cavalucci o Cavalucci. Nacio en Brooklyn, N.Y. Es de madre Puertoriqueña y de padre Italiano (de Sicilia), pero fue criodo en San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cavalucci Business Inc Entertainer Es Trujillo la region que verá dar sus primeros pasos como cantante. Comienza en el Underground con actuaciones en discotecas, fiestas de música urbana y programas de Television como "el show de Hector 'El Flaco Figueroa", "Viernes de rap", etc o principio de los 90s que lo lanzarian como rapero. Son sus inicios como cantante en el genero del Hip-Hop Cavolucci acepta grabar temos en las producciones como "Boricua Guerrero" "Kilates" "La Mission" junto a "Wisin y Yandel' a trabajado con diferentes productores musicales tales como "Dj Goldy' con la cancion "PUERTO RICO" isla del encanto. Tambien ha colaborado con "Dj Black'" en la produccion "The Wamior


Castro y Gambino

En el año 2000, Yamil y Andres se conocieron, descubrieron que compartían una fusión de 

talento, estilo y habilidades de crear una relación dinámica musical componiendo y produciendo, 

por lo tanto, formando el dúo Castro y Gambino. El joven dúo produjo varios mixtapes 

subterráneos como “Castro y Gambino & Friend”, “Castro y Gambino The Takeover” y “Castro 

y Gambino The Lockdown”.

En 2011, la estación de radio "La Kalle 105.9" organizó un concurso "Battle of the Beats" en el 

cual participaron Castro y Gambino, eliminando quince concursantes con sus habilidades y 

talentos. Con su creciente popularidad y por el boca-a-boca, en cuanto a su estilo incomparable 

en el sonido, era una cuestión de tiempo antes de que comenzaron a hacer apariciones en radio y 

televisión y actuar en clubes y conciertos. Castro y Gambino hicieron apariciones en el famoso 

desfile y festival Puertorriqueño en Nueva York para la estación de radio "La Mega 97.9" de 

2008 a 2013. A principios de 2013, hicieron acto de presencia en la Calle Ocho Festival de 

Música en Miami, FL para Coca Cola.

Los muchos talentos de Castro y Gambino les han llevado a recientes colaboraciones con Don 

Chezina, Mr. Cabaluchi, Alex Kyza, Bimbo, y por último su recién lanzado sencillo "Boca 

Suelta", con Tony Sunshine

Castro y Gambino - Vamo a romper (Prod.ByEIMStudio)Artist Name
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Spanish Hip Hop 

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