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The Hip Hop Blvd Award


   The Hip Hop Blvd Award was created because there is a dangerous lack of Recognition given to Hip Hop Pioneers along with many talented and tenured artists all over the world. It is only fitting that The Bronx finally have their own award ceremony for Hip Hop. Our award is given to individuals that contribute to Hip Hop, past and present. All aspects of the Hip Hop Culture are included. Our award does not favor one genre or generation over the other. The premise is simple; recipients are awarded based on the vigorous research conducted by our Voting Committee. This page will list our committee members and research team. We pride ourselves knowing the integrity and transparency of our voting members are pristine. Find them below and familiarize yourself with them.

 We are proud to say that this will be a Hip Hop award supported and presented by those who live and breathe the Hip Hop Culture.   

We hope the information provided here will answer all of your questions. Need more info? You can always email us at 

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The 2021 Hip Hop Blvd Awards

Voting Members List


1. Jeffrey Collins

2. Ed Strickland

3. DJ Flame

4. Venus Mizell

5. Mikey D

6. Ruben Martinez

7. Wanda Dee

8. Gary D

9. Doctor Andre Brown

10. Kookie Gonzalez

11. Grandwizard Rasheen

12. Laraza Perez Silfa

13. Charlie Chase

14. Parry P

15. Stephen Richardson

16. MC Stik E

17. Ray Pinky Velasquez

18. Afredo Figueroa

19. Kool Kyle Starchild

20. Tony Herbert

21. Dale Smith

22. Kimba Reynolds

23. Scratchmasta Jazzy G

24. Sparky D

25. DJ IRock Jesus

26. DJ Sean Blu

27. MC B B Jay


28. Afrika Islam

29. DJ Noodles

30. Brent Crayton

31. DJ Henry Baxspin

32. DJ Baby D

33. Sara Lyric Kana

34. Nasty Nes Rodriguez

35. Donald D

36. Eddie Rivera

37. DJ Mean Gene

38. Liann Pelletier

39. Christopher Edmin

40. Part One

41. Askem

42. DJ Craig G

43. DJ Bink Flavalink

44. Desiree Renee

45. Louis Tirado

46. DJ Spice Nice

47. Sal Abbatiello

48. Grandwizzard Theodore

49. Freedom Williams

50. Jeffrey Boyd

51. DJ Jazzy Jay

52. ChiefRocker Busy Bee

53. Coke La Rock

54. Trac 2

55. Jenny Cordero

56. Ralph McDaniels

57. DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell

58. Stevie D

59. L.A. Sunshine

60. Khalil Lundy

61. Kid Freeze

62. EK Mike C

63. Jerry “Fastfeet” Fontanez

64. The Great Peso

65. Milton B Allen

66. James DJ LostnFound

67. DJ Grandmaster J

68. Ish Dabanker

69. Happy Original Pioneer

70. DJ Baron Lopez

71. Big D – Ultramagnetic MC’s

72. Easy Mo Bee

73. DJ White Flash

74. DJ Chuck Chillout

75. DJ Flyygrl

76. Bwak Comfort

77. Debra Coco

78. Michael Khalfani

79. Daddy O

80. Brea Miles

81. Shawn Manuel

82. Carol C. Tuckers

83. Tha-Alkaholiks

84. Phesto

85. Souls Of Mischief

86. DJ Hektek

87. Supreme

88. Dr Duss

89. Oh Terri Oh

90. Jeffrey Collins

91. Mary Datcher

92. Ed Strickland

93. Maria Davis

94. Renee Mickens

95. Michael EK Shaid

Welcome award voting member, your name has been included along with others to decide who will be the 2020 Hip Hop Award winners. This is our second year for this award, and we are so glad to have you as a judge in this process.


Below will be an outline of certain guidelines that will help you understand the process and benefits of your position.

1. Your vote will count as 1 vote.

2. You can nominate yourselves.

3. Your name will be posted on the award page of our website.

4. Your position is a permanent one, but you can remove yourself if you choose to.

5. You will receive a list of nominees to choose-from 60 days prior to award date.

6. You are allowed to submit a name to the research team at to be nominated.

7. You cannot coerce someone on the voting committee to vote for either yourself or someone else.

8. It is unacceptable to receive monies or gifts for nominees once their names are submitted.

9. You can be interviewed for the Hip Hop Blvd awards in regards to your voting position.

10. We will only award 2 nominees this year in remembrance of those that passed away.

11. If you choose you can also be a presenter for an award after approval from Al Pizarro, Renee Mickens, Terri 

12. Behavior unbecoming a voting member can be grounds for removal with the vote of no less than 10 members. For such removal to occur vote has to be sent via email to

Award Update

i. UPDATE 4/9/23 The Hip Hop Blvd ballots sheets have been mailed out.

Congratulation! If your received yours. If you have not, you will receive it

in several days. Fill it out and mail to Sal Abbatiello’s office.

ii. UPDATE 4/9/23 Since it’s been a while from our last awards ceremony.

Here’s a list of our past recipients of the Hip Hop Blvd awards.

1. Sal Abbaitello

2. Kurtis Blow

3. Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson

4. Former Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

5. Grandmaster Melle Mel

6. Chief Rocker Busy Bee

7. Grandwizard Rahseen

8. Former Mayor of Mount Vernon Andre Wallace

9. Brea Miles

10. Richie Righteous

11. Candela (R.I.P.)

12. Mickie Factz

13. Funkmaster Flex

14. Senator Richard Blumenthal

15. Pastor Fernandez Cabrera

 Hip Hop Blvd Awards


Ralph CBS Munoz            Dana Townsend           Renee Mickens    

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 8.18.57 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 8.50.48 PM.png




Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 8.23.35 PM.png

Graffiti Artists

 Eligible award recipients vary from Music Artists, Educators, Politicians, B-Boys and Graffiti Artists 

This list will be comprised and obtained by selecting potential nominees from all over the world.


 We offer a mixture of genres ensuring fair selection practices. Our voting committee consists of Artists, MC’s and DJ’s from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations, including all elements of Hip Hop.


Its time that those in Hip Hop vote for those in Hip Hop. If you are interested in becoming part of the team you can send your request to:


 Your Location, Nationality, Language or Religion will not matter. What matters is your passion for Hip Hop. We thank you for your support and your involvement in the infrastructure of the Hip Hop Blvd Awards.   


We look forward to hearing from you.

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