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Recognizing Da DJs (Disc Jockeys)

Peace and Blessings Hip Hop Blvd Family & Followers,

This month being the first of our journey to recognize Da DJ’s ( Disc Jockey’s ) we will start off with PETE “DJ” JONES...

A true pioneer who founded our skill of the DJ from the beginning of our spin genre. Pete “DJ” Jones originally from North Carolina was an icon from the early 70’s putting together two turntables and a mixer together with some speakers along with an amp. Pete “DJ” Jones was known as one of the first DJ’s to keep a certain part ( breakbeat, break or get down portion ) of a record playing continuously by the use of the two turntables and mixer extending it so listeners can feel the groove even more electrifying than the record itself. We know called this “Cutting”. Even though his name wasn’t as known as some important names who later came on in the field Pete “DJ” was still known in the adult disco club scene in NYC to most if not all those who spun wax or vinyl in the 70’s era. Pete “DJ” Jones continued his passion for music until his passing in January 2014.

Rest In Peace Pete "DJ" Jones...

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